Roman O. Ingram is a Certified Inspector for homes or buildings clad in EIFS or stucco. Many real estate brokers, contractors, and homeowners trust Roman O. Ingram to inspect, pinpoint problems, and make the necessary repairs. We can make a recommendation on how to properly solve your building or residential structural issues to provide long-lasting structural integrity.

A moisture inspection is necessary to determine the condition of stucco or EIFS by identifying installation flaws, water drainage issues, or sealant failures. Moisture scans are used to identify problems that need to be addressed.

Our inspection process includes:
  • A visual assessment of the stucco, sealants, all affected windows, doors, flashing, stucco transitions, parapets, gutters, and any penetrations through the stucco.
  • Moisture scanning to identify problem areas.
  • Reporting results to the client along with any recommendations to eliminate the ongoing issues.

After repairs, we recommend a review inspection be completed to verify that all moisture problems have been addressed and solved. In addition, we recommend that a regular maintenance review be conducted to assure no moisture issues reappear.

We inspect and repair commercial, residential, and historical projects.
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