The name Roman O. Ingram, Inc. is well known in Mississippi as an outstanding stucco/EIFS installer. We restore plaster and stucco in historic properties (buildings built from 1840-1940), antebellum homes, and period structures.

Roman O. Ingram, Inc. creates unique custom structures like the Jackson Zoo animal enclosures, and military cities/camps as shown below at Camp McCain, Grenada, Mississippi. The military cities are created by stacking containers to mimic cities such as those found in Afghanistan, then our company applies stucco to create the impression that the structures are mud huts where the local residents live.


Custom projects are those that are created to order for a particular client, and our company is dedicated to fulfilling our custom clients’ wishes and goals. We strive to not only meet our clients’ standards, but to exceed them. Whether it is a renovation project or a completely new design, we work with you to make sure your visions become realities.

Camp McCain Standard Containers
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